First Q4K Fundraiser

Dear Friends,

I am humbled and it is with utter gratitude, that I can report that this event was a success!

With the aim of primarily raising awareness of our cause, we set out inviting a plethora of people on Facebook.  Being the summer, many people were away, but still a number of wonderful people sent their support online and we had a lovely little eclectic gathering to share in an evening of African snacks (biltong and koeksisters) while we presented a slideshow that was set up outside on the deck to fully enjoy the beautiful weather.

My Sons had fun rolling and counting $321 in coins and this combined with online and cash donations, our total for this fundraiser came in at an amazing CDN$1278!!!  This just about takes care of all our current school fees for an entire year.  THANK YOU!!!

Further to that, a group of 5 friends known as the “Power Team”, have pledged to double that plus some in contribution towards purchasing our first, “rent to buy home” for our Sibling Set of Five.  The rent from this home will in turn pay towards sending more children to school.

I am so excited to watch this generous act of kindness unfold.



About 20degreessouth

Born and raised in Zimbabwe, now living in Canada and raising a bunch of wonderful boys, Quarters4kidz is a passion of my heart.
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