2023 Sponsorship Thank You!

Please accept this photo card as a token of our appreciation for your support as we head into 2023.  Our fundraising year runs from October to September and so far, this year, we have raised $3,572.18 to help educate Sandra, Mercy, Nomqhele and Thabani as well as assist their mom, Zeni to house and feed them.

While back in Zimbabwe in November, I had a lovely visit with all our Q4K children.  Zeni invited me to their home, and they shared their meal of pasta and stewed tomatoes with them me.  Along with being a new mom, Sandra is enjoying her hair and makeup course and hopes to be able to help support the family soon.  Bryne is proving to be an invaluable employee at my mom’s lodges and helps his family with expenses while saving up to do his driver’s license.  Mercy balances school and caring for her younger siblings while Zeni is at work.  Nomqhele is still full of life and mischief and Thabani was only enticed away from playing in a mud puddle with his friends when he saw the big tonka truck I brought for him.  Handing out the cell phones that were donated for the bigger kids was more exciting than any Oprah show you’ve ever seen. 

I also had the chance to meet with Bukhosi who has grown into a very tall, handsome young man with a regular job in a grocery store.  Once he has managed to collect his O’Level Certificate from this past Secondary School, it is our hope to get him into college sometime this year to study Sound Engineering.  (He needs to return a textbook before they will give it to him.) Bukhosi’s two younger brothers continue to be supported by my Mom and Granite Park Lodges for the moment.

Over the past 6 years to 8 children in 3 families, we have managed to provide support on average per year with $1112.05 for living expenses, $45.74 for medical expenses and $996.65 for educational expenses totaling nearly $13,000 since 2017.  This would not have been possible without your help.   

Thank you!



About 20degreessouth

Born and raised in Zimbabwe, now living in Canada and raising a bunch of wonderful boys, Quarters4kidz is a passion of my heart.
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