I am Bukhosi, I live in Bulawayo in the suburb called Hillside. I like to help my mother in cleaning the house and the yard. Sometimes I help her to feed the chickens and the Guinea fowls. I am an athlete and a footballer. My traditional name is Bukhosi meaning “Kingdom”. I am 13 years old.  I was born in Bulilima in Plumtree. My parents named me Bukhosi Ncube. I am the fourth born in our family I have 3 big brothers who are:Mlungisi, Nodumo and Mpumelelo.  My parents are Lameck Ncube and Sibongile Dube.  When I grew up I stayed in rural areas raised by my grandmother and aunt. After 7 years I came here in Bulawayo then I started staying with my dad and Nodumo one of my brothers. My dad is a man who keeps his promises. My dad loves me more than anyone on earth, he gave me everything I asked for.  I learnt at Moray Primary school from grade 2-7. For secondary I go to Gifford Technical High School.  I am in form one (1) now and its fun.  My dream is to be a pilot so that when I get rich I can take care of the orphans , homeless and build clinics and schools for them.  Last year December my aunt, Tracey Moore came to Zimbabwe from Canada which is my  dream country.  She came with Antonio Williams who has become my best friend and brother too.  On the 16th on June I had my very own best young brother my life he was named Bandile Muziwethu Ncube. Having a young brother meant a lot to me. For sports I play rugby and I do athletics. I started playing rugby this year and I started doing athletics as early as 2011.  When it comes to food I love hot  chips and chicken crisps even though you guys call them fries . When it comes to my mom she is the best mom ever in life. She is a good cook and smart as well. I want to thank God for giving me all these people around me including Aunty Tracey whose doesn’t care about my skin color she loves me as  I am . Hope you read this and enjoy .

Bukhosi Bukhosi is now 15 years old and continues to work very hard and excel at school.



Bandile (meaning “Too many boys”) is now 3 months old and the youngest of our Zimbabwe 8. Pictured here with his Mom, Sibongile, he is Bukhosi’s youngest brother and his Father’s 6th son . . . hence, “Bandile” 🙂


Bandile is 2 years old now and sounds like an absolute joy.  Already counting and learning to speak both English and Indebele, I can’t wait to see this little boy again.


Bukhosi and his Father. Lameck, worked side by side with my Dad building our family lodges from the ground up. He continues in his loyalty now, helping my Mom with the running and maintenance of them.

Bukhosi and Bandile  Brothers ❤