Sibling Set of Five



Born April 13th, 2015  Thabani (Happy) Siyabonga (Thanks Giving) is growing fast. The youngest of 5 siblings, pictured here at 15 months old.


Zeni 2015

My name is Nomqhele. (This is an Ndebele name that is used for the crown of thorns that was placed on the head of Jesus.) I live in Pumula East. I like to read and am in Grade 2. My favourite food is chicken, I am a girl and am 7 years old. I have ten toes and fingers. I have two hands and legs.

Pictured here with her little brother, Thabani



My name is Mercy. I am a girl aged 9 and I am in Grade 4. I live in a very well known Western Suburb in Pumula East. I like to play P.E. I like to plant pears and onions at home and at school. My favourite lesson is English. My favourite fruit is Banana and Apple. I like to eat Russian sausages and fresh chips (fries).



Je m’appelle Sandra. Je habite Pumula East. J ai treize ans. M’a favorite fois est beef stew and herb dumplings. I like to cook. I like wearing clothes that are on fashion. My responsibility is to sure that the house is clean everytime. My traditional name is Ntandoyenkosi (God’s doing).

Pictured here Christmas 2015 with her three younger siblings, Thabani, Mercy and Nomqhele



My name is Bryne. I am a boy aged 16. I live in a very well known Western Suburb called Pumula. I like to play cricket and my position is Batsman. I also like to make jokes and it suits me. My favourite food is sadza ( and meat. Apple is my favourite fruit. My responsibility is doing the garden and I like to plant beans. My traditional name is Mthabisi (Happiness).

Zeni 4

Together with their parents, they occupy two rooms in the building behind them. One room is the bedroom, the other, quite literally, the living room (kitchen/dining/sitting). The bathroom is shared with multiple other families living in the building. — in Pumula East, Matabeleland North, Zimbabwe.


Zenifit and four of her five children when I visited in 2015. (She was pregnant with Thabani at the time.) An outstanding young mother, raising her children despite extreme hardship.