Sibling Set of Five


Born April 13th, 2015  Thabani (Happy) Siyabonga (Thanks Giving) is growing fast. The youngest of 5 siblings, pictured here at 15 months old.

Thabani is nearly 5 years old now and has just started kindergarten.

First Day of School 2020

November 2022 : Thabani and his truck


Zeni 2015
Nomqhele with her little brother, Thabani in 2016

January 2017

My name is Nomqhele. I live in Pumula East. I like to read and am in Grade 2. My favourite food is chicken, I am a girl and am 7 years old. I have ten toes and fingers. I have two hands and legs.

Nomquele February 2020

February 6, 2020

My name is Nomqhele. (This is an Ndebele name that is used for the crown of thorns that was placed on the head of Jesus.) I am a girl aged 11 years old doing grade 6 at Babambeni. It’s a very lovely school and I love school now things have changed.

We started learning new curriculum now in 2020. Q4K has been assisting me with my educational needs, like school fees, exercise books and food as well. Food prices have loomed. Mom faces hardships with 5 children to feed. Thanks to Q4K our meals have improved.

We not writing many subjects at school because there are no textbooks. Textbooks are important to school children, so I wish I could get help on that as well, those who have don’t share with anyone. I look forward to be a graduate through Q4K because everything is being taken care of.

Thank you.



January 2017

My name is Mercy. I am a girl aged 9 and I am in Grade 4. I live in a very well known Western Suburb in Pumula East. I like to play P.E. I like to plant pears and onions at home and at school. My favourite lesson is English. My favourite fruit is Banana and Apple. I like to eat Russian sausages and fresh chips (fries).

Mercy just turned 13 (March 15, 2020)

February 2020

My name is Mercy. I’m 13 years old, doing Form One (Grade 8) at a local High School.

Ooh! Kids for Quarters has made miracles to my education. Paying school fees and all necessities concerning our schooling. That is a great achievement because my Mom was struggling to feed us and educate me and my siblings. Food is very expensive now, but meals better with the help we are getting.

I wish to pass my Ordinary Level and go to Advanced Level. If Kids for Quarters still help us, I can make the dream of my life. I really appreciate this offer and donations that come to my family.


Sanda with her three younger siblings, Thabani, Mercy and Nomqhele – Christmas 2015

Je m’appelle Sandra. Je habite Pumula East. J ai treize ans. M’a favorite fois est beef stew and herb dumplings. I like to cook. I like wearing clothes that are on fashion. My responsibility is to sure that the house is clean everytime. My traditional name is Ntandoyenkosi (God’s doing).

Sandra is now 15 years old and working hard at high school.  She is missing learning French as it is not offered at the school she now attends and would like to take courses through Alliance Française.

February 2020

My name is Sandra Chipala. I am a girl aged 17. Life was hard for us over the last years and we hoped and prayed that one day that things would come to change for the better of our education than being school dropouts. Q4K interacted and offered to help my family with school needs. It has been helping us for 5 years now and it was unbelievable that we were studying without any problems. It made a huge difference in my life and family by paying our school fees and helping with the school needs because our Mother as a single parent couldn’t afford all of expensive things. I wish and also looking forward to pass with flying colours and go to Varsity and Q4K lasts for a time until we all finish our studies.



My name is Bryne. I am a boy aged 16. I live in a very well known Western Suburb called Pumula. I like to play cricket and my position is Batsman. I also like to make jokes and it suits me. My favourite food is sadza ( and meat. Apple is my favourite fruit. My responsibility is doing the garden and I like to plant beans. My traditional name is Mthabisi (Happiness).

Bryne is now 18 and graduated from school.  He continues to live and home and works to help support his family.

January 2020

My name is Mthabisi Chipala. I am a young boy aged 20. In my life I did not have any chance to survive not even my family but with the help of Q4K I did. It’s been not only for me and my Mother but since the Q4K came in our life everything started being normal. This is the third year after I have finished school.

Before doing my final exams I didn’t know what to do in life and I mean it and how could my poor lady handle my situation buy my prayers gave me strength. I was not that good at classwork, but in this world you can survive without education. So far I didn’t make it in my exams but the great Q4K continued helping. With Q4K I finished the issue of school and started driving lessons and today I can drive private cars, van and trucks especially trucks. All this knowledge I have today its because of Q4K. All thanks to the Q4K. As I am writhing this letter I am still working on my Class Two Driving License and with the help of Q4K. I wish to have to have my driving license so that I could get myself a better job that can make feel like a man one day and make my Mom proud. With the help of Q4K I cannot sleep without eating. With Q4K I am working on something for life like other childrens out there, all thanks to Q4K. With Q4K I am grown up and living a better life today, all thanks for the great everlasting help that keeps us surviving in this world.

May your wonderful help last, we appreciate that in our family. May God bless the Q4K the great help and keep on helping. All thanks to the Q4K.

Zeni 4

Together with their parents, they occupy two rooms in the building behind them. One room is the bedroom, the other, quite literally, the living room (kitchen/dining/sitting). The bathroom is shared with multiple other families living in the building. — in Pumula East, Matabeleland North, Zimbabwe.


Zenifit and four of her five children when I visited in 2015. (She was pregnant with Thabani at the time.) An outstanding young mother, raising her children despite extreme hardship.

Mercy, Nomqhele and Thabani – November 2021

In our sixth year now, we have seen Bryne and Sandra grow up and leave school. Bryne is working at Granite Park Lodges and Sandra is working and supporting a baby girl of her own. Mercy, Nomqhele and Thabani are all working very well at school and with your support, we pay for all their educational needs as well as ensure that they have a roof over their heads and food in their tummies. Zeni continues to be an amazing Mother, working long hours and doing her best to meet the needs of her children in an impossibly difficult economy.

November 2022 Sandra, Thabani, Mercy, Nomqhele, Bryne, Friend, Antonette (Sandra’s Daughter), Zeni

Mercy, Nomqhele and Sandra

Bryne and is friend