Special Initiatives


It would be fantastic to add a laptop to each family in order to assist the children in their schooling.  These need not be new.  Access to the internet for research and while the children would probably not be permitted to submit any work digitally, or typed for that matter, the chance to learn typing skills will ultimately be invaluable.

Pilot Summer Camp

Bukhosi‘s dream is to become a pilot.  We would love to foster that dream with a trip to Canada to attend the Langley Flying School’s Pilot Summer Camp with continued support towards this endeavour as he grows older. Ultimately, once he has finished school, we would love to be able to sponsor him through the Integrated ATPL course at Airpull Aviation Academy in Spain. The cost of this course alone, (excluding living expenses), is US$70,000, so a significant goal. https://airpullaviationacademy.com

Buy a Family a Home

While personal advancement of each child is our primary objective, it is my mission to raise enough money to buy a home for a family in Zimbabwe (Estimated US$15,000).  With a “rent to own” arrangement, the home would be given to a family in need of affordable and safe accommodation.  The rent would in turn pay off the home, send a child to school (Hopefully 2 or 3 children) and eventually buy another home.  This process would then be repeated.  After 10 years, the renters will own the house outright.  This would be an opportunity that the majority of Zimbabwean families would never even dare to imagine.