zimbabweHow you can help?

  1. Start your own spare change jar, it’s amazing how quickly it adds up, then message us through this site or contact us through Facebook
  2. You can make a general donation supporting a number of kids through www.gofundme.com/quarters4kidz
  3. If you would like to help a specific kid with his/her school fees long-term, donations can be made through PayPal.  Please email quarters4kidz@gmail.com and tell us which child you would like to sponsor.  We will provide you with photos, email updates, report cards and school fee receipts.
  4. Share our story with friends and family. www.quarters4kidz.com


What are estimated costs to send a child for a year to school?

On average, it costs US$70 / term to send a child to school.  There are 3 terms in each year. High school is more expensive than Elementary School and fees vary between schools.  US$210 / year / child is an estimated average.

Where will your money go?

Your donations to our Quarters4kidz Fund will be used to pay school fees for our Zimbabwe 8, support emergency living needs (it is most difficult for a child to learn anything when they are hungry), supplement school fees for other children in need.

While schooling is our primary aim, through Quarters4kidz it is our hope to raise enough money to buy a home for a family in Zimbabwe (US$12,000) #buyafamilyahome.  The home would be rented to a family in need of affordable and safe accommodation.  The rent would in turn pay to send a child to school (Hopefully 2 or 3 children – These would be children in addition to our Zimbabwe 8) and eventually buy another home.  This process would then be repeated.  After 10 years, the renters will own the house outright.  This would be an opportunity that the majority of Zimbabwean families could never even dream of.

Here’s hoping that this is the start of something much bigger than misplaced change.